Fall in Love with Decorating Your Home this Season

For anyone that knows me, I LOVE decorating, especially during the Autumn season. 

There is nothing like the crisp, fall air, with leaves all around. Of course, cozy sweaters, and coffee are a MUST! 

I wanted to think of a simple way to help myself and my family remember what's important as we decorate this season. 

This is our first fall season in our new home. It has a completely different feel than our last home and I want it to reflect our family and bring joy to those who enter.

What about your home? What are some fall decorating that you can do to reflect your home and family? 

I recently found this Christian home decor and really LOVE the Christ centered focus it brings. I am thinking of getting the fall mat. I love it has beautiful scripture pieces as well.

 Isn't it beautiful?

There store is lovely to look around and start getting gift ideas for the holidays.

Want to see more ideas on my Pinterest board? 

Of course, I always want my kids to make some fall crafts as well. Here are a few ideas! 


So what are you decorating this fall? I'd love to hear about it!