Winter fashion- January Edition

I love fashion...there, I said it. Besides the main loves in my life = Jesus, my husband and my kids,

I love the appeal of fresh clothing and accessories, along with each new season. Cute ankle boots? Yep. Scarves in every color and pattern? Totally. Fresh pastels for spring? Yes.

But, More than fashion, I love a good bargain. 

I am a bargain shopper at heart. 

Years ago I made a pact with myself of the "$10 rule". 

I don't even remember how I started with this "rule" but it's just something I came up with when shopping. It has helped SO much! 

If an item at the store was $10 or more, I did not buy it. 

The only exception to this rule has been if it is a seasonal needed item, like winter boots or a coat. 


 Like my Eddie Bauer Long Winter Coat...originally $200 and purchased last summer for $58.   

Like my Eddie Bauer Long Winter Coat...originally $200 and purchased last summer for $58.



But, my $10 rule has saved me from many a heartache of buyer's remorse! 

Anytime I would actually contemplate an item on clearance for $12.99, I would ask myself, 

"Is it something I really need?" 

"Will it be worn more then just a handful of times?" 

"Is it practical, or just a style for this current season?" 

All those cute outfits at Target? I don't even look at the non-clearance items. 


My eyes only gaze at the red tags, and then I need to ask the same questions, so I am not wasting my money, or time. 

If I opened my closet for you, I could tell you the story of last summer, when I went to Kohl's and bought my complete winter wardrobe for less than $50. Every sweater was around $3 each, and I found several super cute boots for $8, a scarf and gloves, and several hats for $3 a piece. 

The store cashier probably thought I was crazy buying thick, heavy sweaters when we were sweating indoors in July!!!

But by the time November rolled around, boy, was I glad I had shopped off-season! I also try to shop off-season for my kids as well. It saves so much in the long run!

Coats for $5 that are selling by March?  Buy a size or two up, and your kids are all set for next year! 

So, as much as I love the next season of fashion, cute heels with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I always check my closet of bargain buys and see what I have already! 

What can $5 buy for you?