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Brick Fireplace Makeover

Since moving into my house I knew I wanted to update my two brick fireplaces. We remolded our main living room fireplace from brick to cement and shiplap! Can't wait for that blog to come up soon. For now, lets focus on our secondary fireplace room. . .

When you first walk into our home you see a giant red brick fireplace. I wish I could have loved it!! BUT the fireplace is off centered and I was not a fan of the black brick that was added. This room is so beautiful with the vaulted shiplap ceilings and I wanted the fireplace to help bring this room together.

I first got started by dusting off the fireplace and cleaning crayon/marker marks from when my daughters were toddlers HAHA! While I did that my hubby mixed 50% water into Romabio Avorio White

I used a flexible brush to add the paint on. There's no real technique to it. You can add in more water for a real white wash look.. for me I wanted it to look rustic and caked on. Definitely add more water if this isn't the look you're going for.

The one gallon bucket was just the perfect amount for my fireplace. After the first coat I went back over in some areas I felt needed more paint. This is such an easy DIY; any beginner can tackle this!

Down the line I would love to switch my mantle for a wood one, but for now this will work. We have this area stage for Easter with a big farm table. Eventually, I will have this room designed for a formal sitting area that will flow nicely to our backyard/pool area. Stay tuned!


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