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Pool Bathroom Renovation

Updated: May 18, 2022

Today let’s go over our kiddos bathroom we remodeled… it doesn’t even look like the same room!

One of the most annoying things pre-remodel was that every single room had a different cabinet finish. I also wasn’t a fan of the corner cabinet that we never used (wait, the kids hid toys in there😂) so when we decided to put a pool in the backyard I knew I wanted easy access!

Once demo happened this space felt 1000% bigger. Our handyman removed the window and made the cutout for the exterior door only for us to find a water pipe for outside was right there 😖 once we figured out where it ran to we realize we didn’t need it since the pool was going there (yay!!!!) So our handyman discontinued it & installed the exterior door.

Next up, we headed to floor and decor… the store is a slight nightmare at times with order pick ups (🤯) but oh my gosh it’s a dream walking through! I could go for a fun afternoon any day🤣🤣 We picked out a fun design floor tile and a blue shower tile that complimented one another.

Our original plan was to shiplap just behind our new vanity, but my husband made a joke about shiplaping the whole bathroom and I said, “hunny jokes on you, because YES!” We also opted in for waterproof baseboards given that our kids destroyed the previous ones just by baths and now especially since it’s the pool bathroom!

Okay, vanity. How gorgeous?! I found this one off of Home Depot online. I was skeptical at the time with limited reviews and maybe one review photo, but it was affordable so I went for it! Once in person I didn’t mind the hardware & I found the sinks faucets from amazon to match. I snagged these amazon basic mirrors and vanity light to keep it simple since the floor is the main attention.

Lastly, my husband built me this bathroom bench where we store towels in the cubbies. The faux olive plant I bought from target. I picked out these frames and fun photo prints from amazon. I like that they have water features to sorta keep up with the pool vibe. I plan on switching them out with pool photos after summer!


Exterior door curtain

Towel drying hook

Xo, Leah Rachel

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